Case Study: Beachside Lighting

August 11th, 2017

“We love the Intech Worry-Free IT program. The response time has been incredibly fast.” – Rick Benedict, Owner, Beachside Lighting



Beachside Lighting is a leading provider of quality exterior lighting fixtures designed specifically to stand up to Hawaii’s windy coastal conditions. The company does not have an internal IT staff and is supported by 12 PCs and 1 server.

As a growing small business, Beachside Lighting wanted to focus on providing the best lighting solutions possible for their clients. They didn’t want to worry about computers and a computer network, so they turned to Intech to manage all of their technology needs.


Beachside Lighting was growing and needed information technology to support that growth. However, they weren’t large enough to justify hiring an internal staff; and they didn’t want computer support to distract them from their day-to-day operations. Additionally, when the company relocated offices, they needed an IT partner to help them plan for their needs, ensure the proper cabling was in place, and seamlessly move everything to the new location.

Intech’s Approach

Intech deployed Worry-Free IT for Beachside Lighting, making their network more reliable and providing end users with direct access to immediate support. Intech manages all aspects of the IT environment, eliminating the need to distract employees with IT issues or hire internal IT staff. When it came time for the office relocation, Intech was there to provide phone and network cabling for the new office and facilitated a smooth transition with minimal downtime.


  • Reduced response time from hours or days to minutes with Worry Free IT.
  • Helped moved to new office location with very little downtime and no problems.
  • Provided high quality cabling for new office.
  • Prevent revenue loss due to system downtime.
  • The company doesn’t need to worry about managing any aspect of IT from support to purchasing, and they can focus on their core business.
  • The company has nearly doubled in size since working with Intech.

Solutions Provided

  • Worry-Free IT
  • Worry-Free Spam Filter
  • Worry-Free Firewall
  • Network Consulting