Case Study: Contract Glazing

August 11th, 2017

“With Intech, IT is one less thing I need to worry about. The time savings are incredible.” – Char Johansen, Office Manager



Contract Glazing Hawaii is single source for their clients glass needs including residential, commercial, marine, storefronts and more. The company does not have an internal IT staff and is supported by 10 PCs and 1 server. With all of the challenges of growing and running a small business, IT was one more thing that Contract Glazing didn’t want to have to worry about.


Like most small businesses, Contract Glazing has to get more done with fewer resources. Computer downtime can be costly and the company doesn’t have time to worry about fixing computer problems. The company needs computer support but wasn’t large enough to justify hiring an IT staff.

Intech’s Approach

Intech deployed Worry Free IT, which allows Contract Glazing to use Intech as their virtual IT department. Intech manages systems remotely and provides end users with immediate access to computer support. The staff feels that their needs are supported and company management doesn’t need to worry about hiring, managing and retaining IT staff.


  • Contact Glazing doesn’t need to hire or manage IT personnel
  • Downtime is minimized
  • Intech’s flexible plans allow Contact Glazing to select the level of support that is right for them.
  • Intech’s support is consistent through changes in personnel
  • Staff feels supported with direct access to knowledgeable support professionals and remote support capabilities

Solution Provided

  • Worry-Free IT
  • Worry-free Backup
  • Worry-Free Spam Filter
  • Network Consulting