5 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Productivity

5 Ways to Improve Your Workplace Productivity


With only so many hours in a day, making the most of your time is critical in any workplace. If you find your days have been slipping away or falling victim to distractions, we have some tried and true tips to increase your productivity.

Take Regular Breaks

Sound counterintuitive? It’s not. Taking regular breaks helps improve your concentration and curb burnout. In fact, studies have actually found that working at a task for an extended period without a break leads to a consistent decrease in performance – and if you have to go back and fix lots of errors down the road, you’re not doing your productivity any favors. Get up and take a walk or stretch. That brief period of exercise helps reset your focus.

Implement the “Two Minute Rule”

Make the most of the small windows of time you have available at work. If a task is sitting on your to-do list and it takes under two minutes, do it immediately. It takes more time and brain power to remember to jump back to it later.

Workplace Collaboration

As an IT Company, we utilize a ton of different tech tools to improve productivity. One of my favorites to recommend to SMBs is Office 365. Whether you’re looking to collaborate on projects, increase your security, or are looking to grow as a business and need software that will grow with you, this tool is a no brainer.

Office 365 allows you to easily share files and collaborate with trusted peers or build a space where your team can work together. Plus, they have integrated real-time co-author editing and real-time team chat so collaboration is easy, even when your coworkers live across the globe. If you want to learn more about Office 365, feel free to reach out to us.

Stop Multitasking

Quit cold turkey – multitasking consistently leads to more mistakes. Even if the tasks seem small and mindless, trying to check two boxes off at once is simply not possible. Instead, you’re probably just completing each task less efficiently and with more errors.

Training yourself to focus on one task isn’t easy, especially for compulsive multitaskers, but it is worth it. If you’re having trouble making the transition, here are a couple tips:

  • Remove distractions – Keep your phone far away from you while completing a task to avoid the temptation of scrolling through Facebook while working on your presentation. There are lots of apps you can use that block access to social media platforms for specified lengths of time to help you focus.
  • Turn off that second screen – Working on two monitors can be helpful, but only if the second monitor is aiding with the task at hand. If not, pull up only one task on one screen, and get to work.

And Lastly, Follow Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

Everyone has their own flow of energy throughout the day, so do your best to schedule your day around your energy levels. Check off the big tasks when you’re most alert, and switch to the more mundane activities when your energy dips. You can use your calendar to block off time when you know you’re most creative and effective to ensure no one interrupts you. And if you’re able to, take your lunch break when you know you’re the least focused.