Cybersecurity trends to be aware of in 2021

Cybersecurity trends to be aware of in 2021

Cybersecurity is extremely important to your company to implement because as the internet grows, your data can be more susceptible to cybercriminals and scams. With Intech Hawaii, you get worry-free mail security, firewall, and backup.

As modern technology changes, your company should be ready for those changes. In 2021, there are some cybersecurity trends your company should be aware of to know what you need to protect your cyber system.

Increased Data Breaches Caused Internally

Since the pandemic hit, many people have been working remotely with the company’s materials and technologies. This new way of working created a rise of malicious intent and malicious coding towards company computers, increasing data breaches caused by insider events. These situations can be unintentional and accidents may occur, but this is why it is important to have the correct security system to prevent this misuse. 

More Security Breaches for Retail and Manufacturing Industries

As online transactions are on the rise, so are the means to heighten online security systems. Securing the system for customer information as well as company data is important. On the other hand, it is equally important to look at brands that are now forced to sell to retailers and manufacturers online. New ways of doing business open many doors for security breaches. Securing that now will protect your reporting immediately.

AI Integration Popularity

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is growing in popularity because AI has quicker reaction times to threats for companies that might have under-resourced security teams. AI can analyze large amounts of risk data from structured and unstructured sources, which can be extremely useful to companies who need that type of supervision.

A Shift in Cybersecurity Organization Structure

Data privacy is going to expand as data processing concerns rise. Companies are going to start to see data privacy becoming a rule rather than a compliance obligation. It will be something that is closely associated with HR, governance, security, and procurement departments.

Increased Adoption in Risk Quantification Technology

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) are going to start leaning towards risk quantification technology as many companies will undergo increased auditing to demonstrate compliance. This concept is especially important for firms who need to make budget cuts in technology and personnel departments because risk quantification technology offers a look into which assets a company can retain and which they can let go of. Risk quantification technology offers clear visibility to what assets are critically affecting your business and which ones might cause problems.

How Intech Hawaii Can Help with Your Cybersecurity Needs

Intech provides a proactive solution to a reactive problem. As the cyberworld evolves, so does cybersecurity. We provide Managed IT Services and take a look at managing your entire IT system, which includes protecting your data, backing up, cloud computing, and implementing cybersecurity processes.

We have a unique approach to IT costs and successful results, providing Hawaii with top-of-the-line IT services with our skilled staff! We would love to get you started on securing your systems so you can have more protected digital systems as soon as possible. Leave us a message or call us today at (808) 596-9500 for more information.