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Useful Microsoft Edge features you should know about

September 13th, 2021

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that boasts faster loading times, better support, and stronger security than its predecessor, Internet Explorer. However, these improvements merely scratch the surface of what Microsoft Edge is capable of. Here are a few great features available in the newly updated web browser.

What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

Many growing businesses are faced with IT infrastructure concerns as their in-house IT team struggles to keep up with demand. If you are looking for help managing your IT department in Hawaii but are unsure where to turn, then a managed security service provider (MSSP) might be the best choice.

Think your password is secure? Think again

September 10th, 2021

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) created many of the password best practices you probably loathe, including using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. The NIST now says those guidelines were ill-advised and has changed its stance.

What is single sign-on and what are its benefits?

August 30th, 2021

Secure logins are a necessity in business, but managing so many user credentials can get tedious. The good news is that you can simplify your organization’s login processes without compromising security by deploying single sign-on.

What is single sign-on (SSO)?

Single sign-on allows you to use one username and one password to provide secure access to multiple websites.

Want a faster Windows 10 PC? Try these 4 simple tweaks

August 25th, 2021

Windows 10 has no shortage of performance improvements over previous versions of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, but it can be further optimized. Learn how to speed up your computer by making these four simple tweaks.

Prevent programs from launching at startup

Windows makes certain programs readily available by loading them at startup.

When to Outsource Your IT Using Managed Services

It's not uncommon for small and mid-sized businesses to experience growing pains. A rapid change in the way that a business operates can put a lot of pressure on an in-house IT team, whether a small group of staff or just one dedicated person. 

If this sounds like you and your business, it may be time to evaluate your technology needs and choose a pathway that will expand with your business in the future.

Consider these points when purchasing antivirus software

August 23rd, 2021

If you think cybersecurity protection is only for large enterprises, think again. More and more cybercriminals are targeting small- and mid-sized businesses because of their lack of proper cybersecurity solutions. Viruses, ransomware, and other types of malware are also becoming more dangerous.

Cybersecurity trends to be aware of in 2021

Cybersecurity is extremely important to your company to implement because as the internet grows, your data can be more susceptible to cybercriminals and scams. With Intech Hawaii, you get worry-free mail security, firewall, and backup.

As modern technology changes, your company should be ready for those changes.