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Business Continuity Is Your Business Lifeline

Disasters happen. And when they do, they can destroy or incapacitate entire buildings, towns, and cities. This is where the concept of Business Continuity becomes critical. When a major outage hits your building, your neighborhood, perhaps even your entire city or region, you’ll want to be sure your organization is resilient to continue performing in the face of crisis.

The Most Commonly Used Passwords Of 2018

The Internet has made life easier for the majority of people. You can bank online, view results of your medical tests, access your email from anywhere, among countless other tasks that are all protected by just one thing: your password. And, for nearly three percent of Internet users, cracking your password is as easy as stringing six consecutive numbers together.

IT CapEx Planning Tool

This planning tool is similar to what we use for our small business customers we support. It quickly guides you through creating an annual IT budget based on a few questions you answer. Output a report suitable for the most demanding accountant, or just forward the results to your CEO or CFO.