Case Study: Helber Hastert & Fee

“We definitely have a more reliable system.” - Rob James, GIS Analyst


Helber Hastert & Fee is one of the largest planning groups in the Pacific Region. They sensitively address the relationship of people and nature in land planning, landscape architecture, and historic preservation throughout the main islands of Hawaii and the Pacific Region. Their network consists of an office in Honolulu, 3 servers, and 27 workstations. Helber Hastert & Fee is an information-based business with a lot of important data. “Our business is completely based on the computer network here.” Said Rob James, GIS Analyst


After an increased amount of server downtime, email problems, antivirus and backup issues, Helber Hastert & Fee realized the needed to make a change. They interviewed several IT companies and Intech was chosen as their business partner because it was a good pairing of personalities, philosophies, operating methods, and competencies.

Intech's Approach

Intech’s plan involved an immediate deployment of Worry-Free IT agents to all systems. Once that initial network stabilization was complete and a foundation was created, they proceeded to protect company data with Worry-Free Backup and to increase email safety with Worry-Free Spam Filter. With the 24×7x365 monitoring, Helber Hastert & Fee’s network is now working for them instead of against them. “I would say things operate a lot better, smoother, and I think you guys are more responsive than our last consultant.” Said Rob


  • With direct access to Worry Free IT, internal staff is not burdened with trying to address, dispatch or find technical support resources
  • The system and network are stable and downtime minimized
  • All aspects of IT management are overseen by Intech
  • Support is quick and questions are answered
  • The network is solid and safe

Solutions Provided

  • Worry-Free IT
  • Worry-free Backup
  • Worry-Free Spam Filter
  • Network Consulting