IT Services for PCI Compliant Retail Businesses

I Need IT Services for PCI Compliance

Every business that stores, processes, or transmits credit card information must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, AKA PCI DDS or simply PCI. These regulations ensure that any organization with access to customer financial details protects that data and prevents it from falling into the wrong hands. Depending on how many credit card transactions your organization processes per year, you may be liable to comply with regulations for over 220 action items. Failure to do so means heavy fines or loss of card charging capabilities.

Retail IT Services
and PCI Consulting Services by Intech Hawaii

Intech Hawaii security specialists assess your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities and malware and implement robust security systems to keep you PCI-DSS compliant. We also back up your critical files and apps on multiple servers so you can remain operational even if disaster strikes. Most importantly, we support your inventory tracking applications, CRM software, and POS terminals, so you can focus on giving your customers an unforgettable shopping experience. We’ll get your Hawaii operations PCI compliant and keep them that way through all of your mandatory yearly assessments.

Benefits of
maintaining PCI Compliance

  • Avoid crippling or bankrupting fines from regulatory bodies
  • Secure client financial details and maintain customer confidence
  • Maintain the ability to accept major credit cards without disruption
  • Protect your and your customers’ data from hackers and other cybercriminals

Let Intech Hawaii support your retail IT solutions so you can focus on selling.

Get Compliant Without the Hassle