Infrastructure & Network Security

I Need Infrastructure and Network Security Solutions

As the Internet continues to expand and networks become even more complex, your infrastructure security has become one of the
most severe security factors. As the number of malicious hackers grows daily with the development of sophisticated and available
tools, more cybercriminals are knocking at your door. You need an IT partner to act as your security guard dog to make sure they
have no chance of entering.

Infrastructure and Network Security by Intech

At Intech, we know the impact peace of mind can have on an organization. That’s why we do all we can to protect you from breaches of confidentiality, data loss and destruction, data manipulation and more. Our multi-layered approach begins with our team evaluating your current infrastructure, then we create a strategic plan to implement network security solutions and services that align with your risk tolerance, compliance requirements and goals. Through real-time monitoring from our locations in Hawaii and Las Vegas, we’ll secure access, provide visibility and intelligence to detect suspicious activity and act before any damage takes place.

Benefits of Infrastructure and Network Security Support

Minimize damage with fast detection and diagnosis of performance issues

Contain risk with timely notification of infrastructure faults or failures

Eliminate disruption with remote installation and testing of firmware and patches

Get fast answers with 24/7 help-desk support

You’ve got weak spots, but we’ll find them before
an attacker does.

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