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Every day presents opportunities for your team to unintentionally introduce new vulnerabilities into your environment. From prompts to install updates or plugins to malicious URLs, phishing emails, infected attachments or corrupt files—all it takes is one wrong click to cause extensive damage. Today’s complex infrastructures lead to problems that compromise systems, data and your business. The first step toward protecting you, your employees and your customers is performing a comprehensive assessment to find out where you’re at risk.

Network and Security Vulnerability Assessment by Intech Hawaii

Standalone assessment software scans don’t provide the comprehensive details and interrelationships you need to get a complete picture of your weaknesses. An effective assessment examines your entire infrastructure to find the fragile points, prioritizes those liabilities based on impact, then recommends steps to close the gaps—and that’s exactly what we’ll do. Our technicians will perform a detailed assessment, provide full reporting and develop a plan for you.

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Our Network and Security Assessments Include

User Accounts—New Setup, Deletion Upon Leaving

Policies and Procedures—Authentication, Access Control, Managing Passwords and More

Maintenance and Management—Installations, Backups, Updates, Patches

Email—Antivirus, Encryption, Employee Training and More

Applications and Databases—Access Control, Backup Schedules and More

Physical Assets—From Servers, Workstations and Laptops to Mobile

Wired and Wireless Networks—Physical Components, Access Control, Encryption and More

File Storage and Sharing—Types of Information You Store and Where

Existing Security Measures—Firewalls, VPNs, Antivirus, Disaster Recovery Plan and More

Compliance Requirements—NIST, CMMC, HIPAA or PCI

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