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I Need Server and Network Solutions

The common enemy for all organization is downtime. It impacts your productivity, bottom-line and customer relations. But, fear of downtime shouldn’t keep you from growing. You need scalable network solutions that match your constantly changing needs. The break-fix model is expensive and doesn’t offer the coverage you deserve. Instead, migrate to a managed network and server solution and make IT worry-free.

Server and Network Support by Intech Hawaii

Intech IT support delivers the technology and expertise you need to optimize your infrastructure availability without
service fees that blow through your IT budget. Our approach is proactive, not reactive. Instead of waiting for things to break, we
focus on preventing small problems before they become big, expensive ones. We monitor performance, resolve issues and ensure
your systems are up and running so you can keep working and focused on delivering exceptional service to your clients and
customers. As a result of this unique approach, our clients typically experience 99.99 percent uptime and save 21 percent over
traditional computer services available in the Hawaii areas.

Benefits of Server and Network Solutions

Real-time server and network status monitoring

Quick detection, diagnosis and resolution

Infrastructure fault and failure notifications

Timely on-site support when a phone call won’t cover it

Remote firmware and patch installation that minimizes disruptions

Say goodbye to downtime and hello to productivity.

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